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Mobile Marcos: Your Trusted On-the-Go Mechanic

At Mobile Marcos, we're more than just a service; we're a story, a journey, and a testament to dedication and hard work. We're a Family-owned, Latino-owned & Veteran-owned small business, and our story begins with Marcos, a skilled mechanic from Venezuela who embarked on a new life in the United States in 2016. With over 15 years of experience working with cars, Marcos's passion for mechanics runs deep. It's not just a profession; it's a calling, a love for engines, and the art of automotive craftsmanship.

Marcos's commitment to his craft goes beyond his workshop. Some of his earnings are sent back to his beloved family in Venezuela, providing support and care from afar. His dedication and love for his four children drive him to be the best version of himself every day.

Mobile Marcos is part of the Lotus Technologies Inc. family, a company that's been there to lend a helping hand, allowing Marcos to focus on what he does best – providing exceptional automotive services. This partnership is what has allowed Marcos to turn his dreams into a reality and bring high-quality car repair and maintenance directly to you.

At 50 years old, Marcos works with the vigor and enthusiasm of a young adult, pouring his heart and soul into each job. Mobile Marcos is more than just a startup; it's a dream in the making, an idea of providing reliable, cost-effective, and convenient car services that cater to your schedule.

Our mission is simple: deliver the best service for the best price. Marcos envisions a future where Mobile Marcos expands its reach, but he remains committed to ensuring that each customer experiences the personal touch, dedication, and love for mechanics that defines our story.

Mobile Marcos is your trusted partner on the road, bringing expertise, reliability, and a family's love for cars to your doorstep. We invite you to join us on this journey and experience the Mobile Marcos difference – a blend of passion, dedication, and a commitment to serving you with the best in automotive care.


Welcome to the Mobile Marcos family!

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